Let me explain to you today the experience of my life and how a Corporation behaves.

It’s very easy to talk about how the corporation behaves but it is really hard to actually control the behaviour of a Corporation. When a Corporation grows, it grows with respect to all its sectors and segments, such as infrastructure, number of employees, cash flow and expenses etc.

Developing a corporation is not an easy process.  The people around you such as employees, investors and family also want to grow at the same pace as the company. My experience is that when you establish a corporation you have to watch over all the people like its employees, investors and your family. Unfortunately, none of them will realize that how hard it was to establish a corporation and the cash flow required to maintain the quality of the corporation. In the process of growing you add employees and other hidden expenses, which are indescribable. The definition of successful corporations rests on the following points.

  1. Number of employees and strength
  2. Salary paid on time
  3. Pay all invoices on time
  4. Pay all investor commission on time
  5. Have a healthy cash flow


Let me explain all of these five points:
Number of employees and strength:

Employees and the development of an employee is a major role of the organization. If you want to have better results you have to keep an eye on every employee and you need to make them comfortable and help them achieve their goals.

Salary paid on time:

Paying the benefit on time will also affect the behaviour and loyalty of the employees towards the company. A well and timely paid employee is usually a loyal employee.

Pay all invoices on time:

Paying the invoices on time will earn trust from the vendors and is always a component in the success story of companies. It also helps to maintain the relationships and references that are needed to establish and run the organization.


Pay all investors commission on time:

Investors are major back bones of the company and you need to keep them updated about the company so they will know where the company is headed and that their investments are secure, which will lead to further investments and business from them in the future.

Having cash flow: Identification of positive cash flow is a major key in running the show in an effectively way, cash is like blood running through the veins of a Corporation, a well-managed cash flow gives you the strength needed to establish an organization.


My conclusion for this article is to pass a message to every individual to not look at the growth of the company but to look towards your own contribution to the company. If your contribution is not enough to support and justify your salary you have to work harder to justify your salary and if it’s vice versa then you have to wait and hope positively for the company to achieve its goal so that the benefits trickle down to each individual employee.
Sincerely, Mansoor Naqvi